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//  Origin:  Los Angeles, CA
//  Genres:  Soul/Funk/R&B
//  Years Active:  2009-present
//  Label:  Squeelo Records
//  Website:
Short Bio

Whether you’re drawn to her soulful, powerhouse vocals, raw, heartfelt lyrics, or infectious grooves, one thing is for sure—Alex Nester is an artist you will remember. You can’t help but be drawn to her when she sings from such a deep and genuine place. Her music doesn’t just reach your ears, it reaches your heart. Channeling the retro artists of the 60’s and 70’s, Alex blends soul, funk, and r&b and delivers her songs with honesty and meaning...



Song List


Stage Plot


Input List


Label: Squeelo Records, Erin Navarro |

Management: Brian Pohl |

Booking: Katie Brown |

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